B10: "Armed Conflict and Dynamics of Social Policy"

Research assistant for project on "Social Policy in Post-War Angola"
The Collaborative Research Center 1342: Global Dynamics of Social Policy at the University of Bremen, is looking for one or two research assistants for coding work, as part of a research project on Social Policy in Post-War Angola.

The project forms part of a wider research project on Armed Conflict and Dynamics of Social Policy (B10), under CRC 1342, financed by the German Research Foundation. It aims to explain how social policy in post-war Angola, in its formal articulation and in practical implementation, has been shaped by the legacies of war. The analysis will largely rely on demographic, social, economic, and institutional data on the sub-national level.

Coding, collecting, and classifying data on fiscal expenditure and administrative appointments in Angola.

Form of engagement: student assistant.
Period: first half of 2024, with possibility of extension.
Expected work time: minimum 20 hours/month (total ca. 160 hours).

• Good command of Portuguese (alternatively, proficiency in Spanish or Italian)
• Advanced command of English
• Familiarity with Excel
• Well-structured and meticulous
• Experience in working with socio-economic or policy-related data, and/or previous knowledge about Angola are meriting.

Applicants must be enrolled at a German university.

• Cover letter (max. 1 page)
• CV
• Latest university transcript

Please send your application to Dr. Jakob Frizell (jfrizell@uni-bremen.de) by December 15, 2023. Online interviews will be held with shortlisted candidates.

Dr. Jakob Frizell
SFB 1342: Globale Entwicklungsdynamiken von Sozialpolitik
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Tel.: +49 421 218-58602
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