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Kaminska, Monika Ewa; Wulfgramm, Melike, 2019: Universal or commodified healthcare? Linking out-of-pocket payments to income-related inequalities in unmet health needs in Europe, in: Journal of European Social Policy, 29 (3), pp. 345 - 360, doi:10.1177/0958928718774261

Kaminska, Monika Ewa; Kahancová, Marta, 2017: State, market and collective regulation in the hospital sector in East-Central Europe: union strategies against all odds, in: Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal, 38 (2), pp. 257 - 289

Wiencke, Markus; Cacace, Mirella; Fischer, Sebastian (Ed.), 2016: Healthy at work. Interdisciplinary perspectives, Cham: Springer International Publishing

Kaminska, Monika Ewa, 2015: The Netherlands, in: Kennedy, Patricia; Kodate, Naonori (Ed.), Maternity Services and Policy in an International Context. Risk, Citizenship and Welfare Regimes, London: Routledge, pp. 232 - 256

Cacace, Mirella, 2015: Krank sein in Amerika. Interview, in: CareTRIALOG

Frisina Doetter, Lorraine; Götze, Ralf; Schmid, Achim; Cacace, Mirella; Rothgang, Heinz, 2015: The Hybridization of Healthcare Regulation: An Explanation in Cross-national Perspective, in: Rothgang, Heinz; Schneider, Steffen (Ed.), State Transformations in OECD Countries. Dimensions, Driving Forces, and Trajectories, Houndsmill: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 223 - 245

Cacace, Mirella; Ettelt, Stefanie; Mays, Nicholas; Nolte, Ellen, 2013: Assessing quality in cross-country comparisons of health systems and policies: Towards a set of generic quality criteria, in: Health Policy, 112 (1-2), pp. 156 - 162

Wendt, Claus; Agartan, Tuba I.; Kaminska, Monika Ewa, 2013: Social health insurance without corporate actors. Patterns of self-regulation in Germany, Poland and Turkey, in: Social Science and Medicine, 86, pp. 88 - 95

Kaminska, Monika Ewa, 2013: Poland: Privatization, Managerialization and Decentralization of the Healthcare System, in: Pavolini, Emmanuele; Guillén, Ana M. (Ed.), Health Care Systems in Europe under Austerity. Institutional Reforms and Performance, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

Kaminska, Monika Ewa, 2013: Regional Regulation: the EU and NAFTA, in: Frege, Carola; Kelly, John (Ed.), Comparative Employment Relations in the Global Political Economy, Abingdon: Taylor & Francis, pp. 407 - 424

The 10 latest publicationsMore can be found in the filter above.