Project B06 creates dossier on Covid 19 pandemic in Ukraine

In the "Ukraine-Analysen", experts examine how the Ukrainian government is reacting to the spread of the novel coronavirus.

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Covid-19 cases in Ukraine, by region (source: Ukraine-Analysen Nr. 232)
Covid-19 cases in Ukraine, by region (source: Ukraine-Analysen Nr. 232)

SOCIUM is seeking two postdoc researchers

The first position is is affiliated to the working group "Social, Cultural and Economic Inequalities", the second to the working group "Historical and Comparative Welfare State Research".

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Project A04 is seeking a student assistant

The position is expected to be filled by 01 May 2020. The weekly working time is 10 hours.

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Technical Paper Series launched

Documenting the data collection is an essential part of building WeSIS – the Welfare State Information System. Researchers, however, often struggle with the appropriate level of detail ranging from simple accounts of a final indicator to page-long descriptions about how an indicator came into being. Both WeSISPedia and the newly launched Technical Paper Series are an integral part of the documentation.

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Children's University 2020: May I go to school or do I have to work?

How to abolish child labour internationally. Jenny Hahs and Fabian Besche offer a simulation game for children aged 10 - 12 years on 31.03.2020 from 10 - 12 o'clock and 14 - 16 o'clock in the context of the Children's University 2020 hosted by the University of Bremen. The simulation game focuses on child labour and the right for education.

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Johanna Kuhlmann as Visiting Research Fellow at Oxford

Johanna Kuhlmann (project B01) is currently (January to March 2020) a Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford.

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Visiting Scholar in Project A06

Project A06 is hosting Rueyming Tsay, Professor of Sociology at Tunghai University, Taiwan, who is a leading expert on family issues, particularly aging. His research interests also include social stratification, sociology of education, and quality of life.

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Prof. Rueyming Tsay
Prof. Rueyming Tsay

Mückenberger paying tribute to Éliane Vogel-Polsky

CRC member Ulrich Mückenberger paid tribute to the scholar of law Éliane Vogel-Polsky at a memorial service in Brussels. Mückenberger was invited as a representative of European labour law.

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Dingeldey visits ILO and Foreign Office in Berlin with students

With the support of CRC 1342, Irene Dingeldey and Master students travelled to Berlin for three days. They participated in workshops with the ILO and the German Foreign Office.

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Dr. Irene Dingeldey with students at the Federal Foreign Office
Dr. Irene Dingeldey with students at the Federal Foreign Office

Call for Papers: "The Politics of Internationalised Welfare" (S39)

SFB members Kressen Thyen and Alex Veit will chair Section 39 at the 14th Pan-European Conference on International Relations.

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