Global Work-Injury Policy Database published

Nate Breznau and Felix Lanver researched data on the introduction and development of work-injury policies in 186 countries. The corresponding codebook has been published as a technical paper.

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"Land reform can also be a social policy instrument"

An interview with our Fellow Clement Chipenda about the social impact of the land reform in Zimbabwe, the consequences of the pandemic-related lockdown and his current research with our colleague Alex Veit.

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Clement Chipenda, PhD
Clement Chipenda, PhD

Internships for MA students

Project A04 "Global developments in health care systems and in long-term care as a new social risk" is offering internships lasting 2-4 months (20-39 hours/week).

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China’s social policy response to COVID-19

B05 member Tao Liu has co-authored and published a paper stating that for the first time social policy in China has acted as a major player for coping with the negative outcomes of a pandemic.

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Clement Chipenda joins CRC 1342 as Visiting Fellow

Chipenda is a research associate at the SARChI Chair in Social Policy, College of Graduate Studies, at the University of South Africa. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Chipenda has to join the CRC online from Pretoria and Harare. For the next months he will work with the team of project B09 on food security policies in South Africa from 1918 to 2018.

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Effect of the welfare state on pandemic risk perceptions: New study published by Nate Breznau

Dr. Nate Breznau
Dr. Nate Breznau
Breznau identifies that welfare states alleviate the perception of risk related to the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic in particular where governments fail to take rapid and strong pandemic response measures. The article summarizing the results of the study has been published in a special issue of European Societies.

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Simon Gerards Iglesias presented his dissertation project at the Ibero-American Institute

The online lecture marked the end of his scholarship for a research stay in Berlin.

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Simon Gerards Iglesias in Berlin
Simon Gerards Iglesias in Berlin

New Working Paper by Tobias ten Brink, Armin Müller and Tao Liu

The team of authors identifies three causal mechanisms that have led to the development of contribution-based social security systems in China.

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