The Collaborative Research Center 1342 comprises 15 projects which are divided into two project areas:

Project Area A

Project area A consists of six projects, which analyse social policy dynamics in a global perspective, using primarily macro-quantitative methods:

A01: Measuring the global dynamics of social policy and cross-national interdependencies. Co-creating the Global Welfare State Information System
Project directors: Andreas Breiter, Ivo Mossig, Carina Schmitt

A02: Constituting the welfare state in a global perspective. Determinants of social security programmes
Project directors: Herbert Obinger, Carina Schmitt, Laura Seelkopf

A03: Worlds of Labour. Normative standards of employment relationships as national and global patterns of welfare state development
Project directors: Ulrich Mückenberger, Irene Dingeldey

A04: Global developments in health care systems and long-term care as a new social risk
Project directors: Heinz Rothgang, Lorraine Frisina Doetter, Sebastian Haunss

A05: The global development, diffusion and transformation of education systems
Project directors: Kerstin Martens, Michael Windzio

A06: Formation and diffusion of family policy in a global perspective
Project directors: Johannes Huinink, Sonja Drobnič

Project Area B

Project area B comprises nine projects that apply qualitative, case study analyses to investigate in detail the causal pathways between international interdependencies and social policy dynamics in selected groups of countries.

B01: Mechanisms of social policy diffusion
Project directors: Delia González de Reufels, Frank Nullmeier, Klaus Schlichte

B02: Emergence, expansion, and transformation of the welfare state in the Cono Sur in exchange with (Southern) Europe (1850-1990)
Project director: Delia González de Reufels

B03: International complementarities in the development of the welfare state: The transatlantic sphere (1870-2020)
Project directors: Philip Manow, Sarah Berens (University of Cologne)

B04: Open welfare states? Social protection of labour migration and its repercussions for national policies
Project director: Susanne K. Schmidt

B05: Dynamics of Chinese social policy: Interplay of national and international influences
Project directors: Tobias ten Brink (Jacobs University Bremen), Tao Liu (University of Duisburg-Essen)

B06: External reform models and internal debates on the new conceptualisation of social policy in the post-Soviet region
Project director: Heiko Pleines

B07: Transnational service provision in long-term care services in Western and Eastern Europe
Project directors: Karin Gottschall, Heinz Rothgang

B08: Transformation of health care systems in Central and Eastern Europe
Project directors: Mirella Cacace, Monika Ewa Kaminska

B09: The rise, decay and renaissance of social policy in Africa
Project directors: Klaus Schlichte, Alex Veit