Project A01 (2018-2021)

Measuring the Global Dynamics of Social Policy and Cross-national Interdependencies. Co-creating the Global Welfare State Information System

Project A01 is the central hub of Project Area A and pursues two aims.

The first aim is to work on the research question of how the dynamics of social policy, cross-national interdependencies and the relationships between these dynamics and interdependencies can best be measured and represented by data.

The second aim is to construct a comprehensive interactive, web-based information system on global dynamics of social policy: the Global Welfare State Information System (WeSIS).

WeSIS comprises three data components:

  1. welfare state indicators
  2. indicators on country-specific characteristics
  3. indicators on the interdependence between countries and between countries and international organisations.

In order to achieve both aims, political science, interdisciplinary teams of political scientists, geographers and computer scientists and a variety of user groups will be testing and implementing in "co-creation" new possibilities for analysis, interaction and visualisation.