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Cacace, Mirella, 2015: Krank sein in Amerika. Interview, in: CareTRIALOG

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Cacace, Mirella; Ettelt, Stefanie; Brereton, Laura; Pedersen, Janice S.; Nolte, Ellen, 2011: How health systems make available information on service providers: Experience in seven countries, RAND Corporation; London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, pp. 1 - 110, <> (Date: 02.07.2018)

Nolte, Ellen; Roland, Martin; Damberg, Cheryl L.; Mattke, Soeren; Cacace, Mirella; Goshev, Simo; Brereton, Laura; Conklin, Annalijn; Hiatt, Liisa; Quigley, Denise D.; Lovejoy, Susan L., 2011: Informing the development of a resource allocation framework in the German healthcare system, RAND Corporation, pp. 1 - 85, <> (Date: 02.07.2018)

Cacace, Mirella; Nolte, Ellen, 2011: Healthcare services: strategy, direction and delivery, in: Walshe, Kieran; Smith, Judith (Ed.), Healthcare Management, Open University Press, pp. 145 - 168

Cacace, Mirella, 2011: Das Gesundheitssystem der USA. Governance-Strukturen staatlicher und privater Akteure, Schriften des Zentrums für Sozialpolitik/23, Frankfurt/M.: Campus

Ettelt, Stefanie; Cacace, Mirella; Goshev, Simo; Nolte, Ellen, 2010: Economic recession and long-term care. A scoping study, RAND Europe; London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, pp. 1 - 45, <> (Date: 02.07.2018)

Cacace, Mirella, 2010: Small scale reform oder Erdrutsch? Eine Stellungnahme zur Gesundheitsreform in den USA, Zentrum für Sozialpolitik (ZeS), Universität Bremen, in: GAZESse, 1

The latest publicationsMore can be found in the filter above.