General Information

Summer school venue

Haus der Wissenschaft
Sandstr. 4/5
28195 Bremen

NordWel 2019 takes place in the heart of Bremen city centre. The summer school venue, Haus der Wissenschaft, is located near the main market square. The walking distance from the main railway station is about 15 minutes and about 5 minutes from Domsheide tram stop.

Trams 4, 5, 6, 8 and busses 24 and 25 all stop at Domsheide
Registration, keynote lectures, parallel paper sessions, lunch and coffee breaks listed in the programme will all be held at Haus der Wissenschaft.

The registration desk: Monday, 19th August 14.00 – 15.00
The registration desk is located at Haus der Wissenschaft, in the entrance lobby. You will receive your name tag, programme and information on-site here.


Summer school hotels

Motel One (keynote speakers)
Am Brill 10
28195 Bremen
Tel. ++49 421 4095400

Novum Hotel Bremer Haus (participants)
Löningstr. 16-12
28195 Bremen
Tel. ++49 421 32940 


Summer School dinners

  • Monday, August 19th, begins at 19:00 Restaurant Ratskeller (Am Markt 1, 28195 Bremen)
  • Tuesday, 20th August, begins at 19:00 Restaurant Café Sand (Strandweg 106, 28201 Bremen)
  • Wednesday, 21st August, begins at 19:00 Restaurant Alexander-von-Humboldt (Anleger, Schlachte 1a, 28195 Bremen)
  • Thursday, 22nd August, begins at 19:00 Restaurant Schüttinger (Hinter dem Schütting 12-13, 28195 Bremen)


Excursion: boat trip along the Weser

  • Wednesday, 21st August, 15:15 at the “Martinianleger” (Pier at the Martinistrasse 12-16, 28195 Bremen)  


Lunch and coffee

Lunch and coffee will be served at the Haus der Wissenschaft



Trams and Busses
You can buy tickets for public transport at the stations or in the trams or bus-ses. A normal one way ticket costs 2,80 EUR. There are also tickets for short distances or a whole day available.
During the Summer School, all venues are in a walking distance.

Useful timetable sites (train timetables) (tram and bus timetable) (bus timetable)

Taxi Numbers

Taxi Ruf        14 0 14
Taxi Roland   14 4 33


Cafés and restaurants nearby

  • Bremer Brötchen, Balgebrückstraße 3-5, 28195 Bremen
  • Friesenhof Bremen, Hinter dem Schütting 12/13, 28195 Bremen
  • Kiefert, Unser Lieben Frauen Kirchhof 27, 28195 Bremen
  • Müller& Egerer Bäckerei und Konditorei, Domsheide 14, 28195 Bremen
  • Nordsee Fisch Restaurant, Sögestr. 11-13, 28195 Bremen
  • Stockhinger, Unser Lieben Frauen Kirchhof, 28195 Bremen

… and lots of restaurants along the river, at the “Schlachte” and in the “Ostertor-Viertel”, a quarter of Bremen next to the city center with a lot of student bars and cafes. Next to “Domsheide” is the Schnoor quarter, Bremen’s oldest district with a lot of 15th and 16th century houses as well as cafés and restaurants.