Prof Dr Heinz Rothgang
Prof Dr Heinz Rothgang
Technological solutions and devices for long-term care are being developed worldwide. In an interview with the TV station Radio Bremen, CRC member Heinz Rothgang has evaluated whether robots and IT are suitable for coping with the long-term care crisis.

"The use of robots and IT in long-term care is certainly part of the future, but it is not the only solution to the long-term care crisis," said Heinz Rothgang, director of projects A04 and B07, in the programme "buten und binnen" on Radio Bremen. "Technology can support but not replace people. Because care means communication and human affection". Technology cannot offer this. It can support and reduce the burden on caregivers, however, through sensor technology, remote monitoring and the like.

Rothgang is not concerned that humanity will suffer as soon as robots and IT are used in care. He rather has doubts that meaningful technical solutions will find their way into long-term care at all, as the use of technology in this area is generally looked upon with skepticism.

Heinz Rothgang and his staff at Socium are therefore investigating what wishes and needs for technical assistance really exist among people in need of long-term care as well as among care-givers. The aim is to ensure that technical solutions are developed that are actually applied effectively.

In "buten und binnen", Rothgang also emphasised that the attractiveness of the nursing profession must be increased considering the long-term care crisis, so that more people want to work in this field.

The entire interview with Heinz Rothgang (in German only): "buten und binnen" from 14.02.2019

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