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De Carvalho, Gabriela; Schmid, Achim; Fischer, Johanna, 2020: Classifications of health care systems: Do existing typologies reflect the particularities of the Global South?, in: Global Social Policy, online first, doi:10.1177/1468018120969315, 03.11.2020

Schmid, Achim; Frisina Doetter, Lorraine, 2020: Public-Private Mix in Health Care: Reflections on the Interplay between Social and Private Insurance in Germany, in: Colleen Flood (Ed.), Is Two-Tier Health Care the Future?, Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, pp. 211 - 236, Link (Date: 16.10.2020)

Frisina Doetter, Lorraine; Schmid, Achim; De Carvalho, Gabriela; Fischer, Johanna; Rothgang, Heinz, 2018: Classifying health and long term care systems - Reflections on the utility and limits of typological approaches for comparative research, /2018, Bremen: CRC 1342: Global Dynamics of Social Policy, University of Bremen

Frisina Doetter, Lorraine; Schmid, Achim, 2018: Shared Housing Arrangements in Germany - An Equitable Alternative to Long Term Care Services beyond Homes and Institutions?, in: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 15 (2), doi:10.3390/ijerph15020342, 14.02.2018, Link (Date: 22.02.2018)

The 10 latest publicationsMore can be found in the filter above.