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Brand, Martin, 2018: Carrot and Stick: How It Was Possible to Raise the Retirement Age in Russia, in: Russian Analytical Digest, (225), pp. 2 - 9, 08.10.2018, Link (Date: 14.10.2018)

Brand, Martin, 2018: Fußball in Russland: Eine Staatsaufgabe, in: Religion und Gesellschaft in Ost und West, (4/5), pp. 28 - 31, Link (Date: 14.09.2018)

Brand, Martin, 2018: Fußball als Staatsprojekt: Russlands Investitionen in »Premjer-Liga« und Weltmeisterschaft, in: Russland-Analysen, (357), pp. 2 - 8, 22.06.2018, Link (Date: 14.09.2018)

Brand, Martin, 2018: Im Schatten der WM: Erhöhung von Renteneintrittsalter und Mehrwertsteuer, in: Russland-Analysen, (357), pp. 16 - 17, 22.06.2018, Link (Date: 14.09.2018)

Schenk, Angelika; Schmidt, Susanne K., 2018: Failing on the social dimension: judicial law-making and student mobility in the EU, in: Journal of European Public Policy, 25 (10), pp. 1522 - 1540, doi:10.1080/13501763.2018.1488884

Schmidt, Susanne K.; Blauberger, Michael; Martinsen, Dorte, 2018: Free movement and equal treatment in an unequal union, in: Journal of European Public Policy, 25 (10), pp. 1391 - 1402, doi:10.1080/13501763.2018.1488887

Heinrich, Andreas; Pleines, Heiko, 2018: The Meaning of ‘Limited Pluralism’ in Media Reporting under Authoritarian Rule, in: Politics and Governance, 6 (2), pp. 103 - 111, doi:/10.17645/pag.v6i2.1238, Download PDF

Beham, Barbara; Drobnič, Sonja; Präg, Patrick; Baierl, Andreas; Eckner, Janin, 2018: Part-time work and gender inequality in Europe: a comparative analysis of satisfaction with work-life balance, in: European Societies, online-first, (forthcoming), doi:10.1080/14616696.2018.1473627, 18.05.2018

Kaminska, Monika Ewa; Wulfgramm, Melike, 2018: Universal or commodified healthcare? Linking out-of-pocket payments to income-related inequalities in unmet health needs in Europe, in: Journal of European Social Policy, online-first, (forthcoming), doi:10.1177/0958928718774261, 29.05.2018

The latest journal articlesMore can be found in the filter above.