Equality at the CRC

The promotion of gender equality and family-friendly working conditions are key objectives of the CRC. It is based on the equal opportunities mandate defined within the Bremen Higher Education Act (Bremisches Hochschulgesetz) and on the Standards on Gender Equality of the German Research Foundation (DFG). The CRC's statutes provide for the election of an Equal Opportunities Committee, from among whose members Women's Representative is elected.

The Women's Representative is a member of the board of the CRC within which she has an advising voice. Additionally, she advises on all recruitment processes at the CRC. The Equal Opportunities Committee develops new measures to promote gender equality and advocates family-friendly working conditions. It also informs and advises all members of the CRC on these topics.

Lectures on gender equality issues for all members of the CRC are planned, as well as workshops on topics such as publication strategies for female academic staff, leadership seminars on gender awareness and diversity training for the CRC managers. These measures are developed in close cooperation with the university's equality and diversity structures (Central Women's Representative, Equal Opportunities Office). The Women's Representative is member of the "Equal Opportunities in Research Associations" network ("Chancengleichheit in Forschungsverbünden") of the University of Bremen.

Measures to improve family-friendliness include support in finding nursery and kindergarten places, family-friendly hours for internal CRC events, flexibility in the choice of work location and additional student assistantships for young parents.